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Prince Albert Area Medical Services

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Prince Albert Cornerstone Medical Clinic provides several medical services to patients all over the area and beyond. We work with people of all ages in all different situations, whether they have a cut in their leg, suffer from drug abuse, or anything in between. We are a full practice, walk-in, and urgent care clinic. All of our patients receive a pager while they’re waiting, so they can leave and come back just as they would at a restaurant—no more wasting the entire day being bored in the waiting room!

Prenatal & Delivery

When you’re looking for a place to get the prenatal care you need, as well as deliver your baby, Prince Albert Cornerstone Medical Clinic is there for you. Our prenatal and delivery unit is one of the best in the province. From confirming the early signs of pregnancy to the baby’s delivery and at each stage in between, we will care for you and the baby compassionately. Our staff will answer all of your questions and closely monitor your health to ensure a happy, healthy delivery. We can monitor your pregnancy week by week to ensure your baby grows at the rate it should. Our physicians will also work with you to schedule appointments around your busy schedule whenever possible.

Walk-In Clinic

Use our walk-in clinic to address concerns that are urgent, but not an emergency. This includes uncomfortable, but non-life threatening conditions such as an infection, broken bone, cold, persistent, unexplained pain, and any other discomfort that cannot wait to be treated until regular office hours. The walk-in clinic is open until 9pm during the week and until 6pm on the weekends. When you arrive, be sure to check in at the front desk and our doctors will see you as soon as possible.

Well-Baby Visits

We also offer well-baby visits. These checkups are done throughout the baby’s first year, at regular intervals. The schedule is once per week for the first month, then once a month, once every two months, and then once every three months. You should continue to bring your child in for regular appointments until they are four years old, and of course, any time they feel sick. There are many benefits to well-child visits—these include disease prevention as well as ensuring proper growth and development. These appointments also give you the opportunity to raise concerns you may have about their behavior, such as sleep patterns, eating habits, or how they get along with other family members. Feel free to bring a list of questions to each appointment so our staff can answer them right away. Regular visits create a team approach and build strong, healthy relationships between the doctor, parent, and the child. Our welcoming staff looks forward to working with you.


At Prince Albert Cornerstone Medical Clinic, we provide O.S.T. care, which stands for Opiate Substitution Treatment. This type of treatment is for individuals who are dependent on opiates such as heroin, morphine, codeine, oxycontin, diladid, and other such substances. Our specialized treatment relieves the withdrawal symptoms so that their bodily functions can return to normal. We also treat drug overdoses. Our therapy is combined with other medical care and counseling, lifestyle changes, and expert social services so patients can continue on a journey to recovery.

Hospital Care

We provide traditional hospital care for our patients, providing the medical services they need in a safe, nurturing environment. At Prince Albert Cornerstone Medical Clinic, we take care of patients who need to stay in the hospital for short or extended periods of time. We treat everything from common but more severe illnesses such as pneumonia to serious illnesses such as cancer, using the latest medical technology to ensure the best possible outcome.

Long Term

Our clinic in Prince Albert also provides long term care for those who need support for their personal needs. Rather than traditional medical care, this type of care involves assisting patients with the tasks of everyday living for those who are disabled. Long term care may or may not be covered completely by your insurance, but we can work with you to find a way to make it affordable. The goal of this type of medical care is to get the patient to focus on what they can do rather than what they can’t do and if possible, move them out of long term care and back into their normal, everyday lives.

SGI Requested Medicals

Prince Albert Cornerstone Medical Clinic also provides SGI requested medical exams for employees who need a commercial driver’s license. We provide a detailed report to their Medical Review Unit, ensuring the patients meet the medical standards for a commercial license. The patient will then be notified when their medical exam has been reviewed, and we will give them a copy of these reports which they can submit to SGI, which will protect their commercial driving privileges. While some licenses do not require a physical, our physicians can advise the patient and let them know if an exam is required to maintain the type of license they have.

For all your medical needs in the Prince Albert area, call our clinic to make an appointment or stop in today.


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